Winter cleaning household items to note

&Nbsp;   carpet into many families keep warm ... Small areas of carpet cleaning yourself or convenient, chunks of carpet cleaning can be a bit troublesome. Wash carpets are most afraid of is the ruined carpet wool carpet or hard, but take care of vacuum cleaner cannot be thoroughly cleaned, must be thoroughly cleaned a few months again. Is done by a simple method was introduced to clean, use a vacuum cleaner sucking again, find an old nylon coat clean and dry, and rub back and forth on the carpet, nylon wool carpets on the friction creates static electricity, this static electricity can crack in the carpet inside the small particles in the debris of nylon fabric. In a dry fall and winter, this approach may also work.
&Nbsp;   curtain maintain the texture of the trick is to dry the curtain cleaning much easier. Score curtain materials cleaning, shrunk to the laundry dry cleaning, thin yarn by hand, common to the washing machine to clean, it's almost housewife commonsense. However, in order to keep the curtain itself texture, machine washable curtains first to soak for at least half an hour before, try not to use bleach, machine wash only after. When taken from the washer after the wash the curtains, to take advantage of pull out, not too hard, housewives are not dry Curtains hung directly up to the curtain rod and let it air-dry. A point that maintain the original appearance of the curtains and texture.
&Nbsp;   sofa washed much less maintenance covers were dirty or removed before the season to clean it, is the way most families the care of fabric sofa. This is not correct, and may shorten the life of fabric sofa. With frequent cleaning, daily more than maintaining family technology coming from the sofa to the relevant staff to reporters a list of fabric sofa maintenance of common sense. One made it clear that: the sofa must be vacuuming once a week, remove the dust between the fabric structure if mat Flip swap should be flipped once a week, wearing the uniform distribution, and keep the sofa elastic. Allow for shrinkage and Sandy hair and wear problems, if the sofa is just local stains, there is no need to put the entire sofa cleaning, might as well wipe with a clean cloth dipped in water, so as not to leave an imprint from the wipe stain peripheral. Special reminders are now some velvet covers the selection of fabric sofa, this material can not touch the water, must be dry. BACK

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