Kitchen cleaning tips

&Nbsp;  , hobs use cut the white radish with detergent to scrub, will create unexpected cleaning effect.
&Nbsp;   second, the Cookware aluminum pan while easy to use, but easy to form the black dirt can be removed by fruit, tomatoes in a pot leave "footprints", again with cooked tomato water for cleaning aluminum pots, if repeated several times, aluminium natural bright hues.
&Nbsp;   c, range hood grease based on oxidation bleach cleaning is easier to deal with adhesion. Into the one-second cup or Cup 40-50-degree hot water, add two-thirds oxidation bleach Cup, add two teaspoons of detergent for kitchen, fan, filter, remove, 15-20 minutes into tank, and qingshuiqing clean.
&Nbsp;   four, has a foul taste in the cupboard or refrigerator after a thorough scrubbing, use little plates of charcoal, charcoal has a strong adsorption ability to smell and taste can be absorbed. BACK

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