Aluminum alloy outer wall clean knowledge

&Nbsp;   ⑴ "purpose neutral cleaner", press 1:50 dilution.
&Nbsp;   b in the external walls of buildings to choose a typical contaminated surfaces, the cleaning of galley proof, determine the dilution ratio of cleansers.
&Nbsp;   c hang under construction workers hanging high in the sky on the surface when cleaning aluminum decorative materials in the program are as follows:
&Nbsp;   ① will wipe water device or cleaning drum immersion bucket within of clean agent solution in soaking; II with dip has clean agent solution of wipe water device or cleaning drum in aluminum decorative material surface wipe wipe, makes dirt wetting, and from; ③ with scraping water device will aluminum decorative material surface of sewage scraping off, scraping water device each scraping a knife, application rag will scraping water device scraping wipe plane of sewage wipe clean, again scraping Xia a knife; II special dirt available rag directly wipe Hou, again with scraping water device scraping wipe ; II a high-rise building features louvered refuge floors and equipment, aluminum shutters applied rags immersed cleaning solution to wipe after wipe, flush with water. BACK

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