Clearing House 10 method

&Nbsp;   1. appropriate open air-dry the top side of the window, ventilation, 2. with small basin or bucket or container full of cold water, then add vinegar in a ventilated room, furniture and opened the door. This can amount of evaporated moisture protection wall the top paint surface and absorption to eliminate residual odors; 3. If economic conditions permitting, can buy some pineapple on each room, large room can I have some more. Pineapple fiber fruits, can afford to absorb the smell of paint but also to disseminate the pineapple's delicate flavor, the pace of the removal of odors, have the best of both worlds effect.
&Nbsp;   two renovated rooms how to remove residual odors? Renovated room is not available immediately, and try to ventilation, but can not open all the doors and Windows and ventilation, because this may give adverse has just completed the construction of the wall paint, top fast-drying, easy to crack and destroy beauty. To quickly remove residual paint available citric acid-soaked cotton ball, hanging in the Interior as well as wooden furniture, but too cumbersome.
&Nbsp;   method of three reporters in the town of fruit found in Nanning, Guangxi, many people use tropical fruits to remove odour, effective, low cost and convenient. Comfort taxi company in Nanning Master Li has recently bought new cars in operation, although a variety of perfume on the market sell, but Master Li do not see, smell his own coup against the carriage.
&Nbsp;   Master Li chose a fresh fruit market and look at the pineapple on the car, fruit aromas immediately floated up in the car, smell gradually disappears. "The pineapple I only spent a dollar, put two or three days, it smell on the bus, ' '' light absorption. Customers sitting in my car, say the car clean and healthy, happy all the way. "The chef says.
&Nbsp;   according to him, some tropical fruit grown in tropical and subtropical environments, plenty of sunshine, rainfall, special aroma, moisture in the fruit, strong scent of may be circulated for a long time, many people applied such fruits as a natural "air cleaners".
&Nbsp;   reporter found that some people use jackfruit (a tropical fruit like Durian fruit) remove the newly renovated housing chemical smell, the effect is very good. Na decorated houses often have days of acrid chemical smells, such as water, only broke through the belly of a jackfruit in the House, due to the large jackfruit individuals (usually the size of watermelons), smell very strong, you will be within a few days to absorb the odor.
&Nbsp;   method many people worrying that emit gas in the newly decorated houses, in addition to opening the window, as if there is no better way. But it's not.
&Nbsp;   first of all, you can go and pick up some high-tech flavor of the market cleaner, it can get rid of the newly renovated rooms, new furniture, emit harmful gases. According to the source, these cleaners are generally imported products use ammonia compounds react with harmful substances, which played a role in removing clean. In a newly renovated room, removing detergent is poured into the Pan, will be placed in each room, combined with the scrubbing method, can effectively remove bad smell after a few days in a row.
&Nbsp;   in addition, in room orange peel, lemon peel and other items is a very effective method, but they worked not as a rapid method in addition to taste, anti-stain, dirt newly renovated home will meet all kinds of little problems, lived inside the House decoration with some awkward situation. Will teach you some tips here to deal with it.
&Nbsp;   cleaning brush paint brush finish paint will soon be glued together, it is difficult to clean. You can wipe with a cloth paint brushes, take a glass of water, drip a few drops of dishwashing liquid, brush put a rinse, paint immediately decomposes into powder loses viscosity, water wash, clean.
&Nbsp;   smart addition to paint oils jewelry new walls or floors, often gives off a pungent smell of paint and residue in the room for a long time, making people confused, uncomfortable. At this point you can put two pots of salt water in the Interior, paint will soon be eliminated. If it's wood furniture exudes the smell of paint, can be scrubbed with tea several times, paint will break down faster.
&Nbsp;   erase the food stains on the sofa fabric sofa by food contamination, to clear immediately. If pollution such as juice, tea, use a paper towel to absorb moisture, then wipe with kitchen with neutral detergent solution, and finally wipe with clean water. Chocolate and other oily dirt, then wipe with volatile oil.
&Nbsp;   prevent yellowing of the wall to prevent yellowing of the wall, the following two methods to give it a try: one is to brush the wall again, then brush the floor, floor dry, then brush a layer on the original wall, ensure that the wall white. Another method is to paint the floor finish, completely dry and then paint the wall surface. To note is that, after brushing the wall and floor, be sure to ventilation, keep all kinds of chemical composition as volatile, so as to avoid chemical reaction.
&Nbsp;   wood floor cleaning the dirt on the floor, and added a small amount of ethanol available alkaline cleaning solution mix erased. Because adding ethanol, decontamination is enhanced. Wood flooring can also use this method to remove dirt. Because ethanol can make wood floor color should use a rag dipped a small amount of the mixture onto the dirt, wipe with a damp cloth. If the flooring is not discoloration, will be ease of use.
&Nbsp;   six professional reminders: place the plant is convenient and affordable recently, many readers call and ask how to ward off the new House a pungent flavor. In fact, the best way is to ventilate the room. In addition, have suggested: selectively placed some plants to new homes, more help to purify the air. So placing plants right? With this issue, reporters visited Xian Botanical Garden and the literary road flower market. Spider plant: great, low cost, according to Zhang Ying Xian Botanical Garden introduction, there is a spider plant – also called "folding cranes", not only in appearance, and adsorption of toxic gases is particularly good. Said Zhang ying, a pot of Chlorophytum 8-10 square metres is equivalent to an Air Purifier in the room, even without the decoration of the room, raised a trough can also benefit to people's health. This spider plants per pot of 3-8 Yuan. Cactus plants release oxygen, such as most of the plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the day, at night, on the contrary. But cactuses, Tiger Orchid, Sedum, Aloe Vera and spider plants are absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Cactus and Sedum 5-10 yuan per pot about; two kinds of Tiger-LAN: in Phnom Penh, and pure green. Pure green 20/pots around Phnom Penh, some more expensive than its 1/3-1/2; Aloe market price difference is relatively large. Survival of these plants are very easy. Christmas tree that will release fresh gas is currently available on the more popular large plants such as Christmas trees and camphor trees, they can release a fresh gas, one spirit of joy. Christmas trees are also called "cinnamon" on market price usually at/80-100. Must pay attention to the soil when you buy this plant, root and soil combined with compact plants, on the contrary was planted. To choose when buying potted plants, potted plants are localized, easy to survive. To light can accelerate air purification plants as soon as possible if they want to ward off the new house the pungent smell, you can use the light plant. Upon light irradiation in plants, life is particularly strong, photosynthesis is strengthened, and released several times more oxygen than no light conditions. BACK

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