Community cleaning responsibilities

&Nbsp;   cleaning member job responsibilities can be divided into: job responsibilities, an indoor track cleaner cleaning team leader responsibilities, an outdoor track cleaner job responsibilities.
&Nbsp;  , cleaning supervisor position duties (1) the foreman to take the lead, set an example by mobilizing the enthusiasm of the staff, the quality and quantity to complete the work.
&Nbsp;   (2) to coordinate the team's relationships with other departments, allocate human and physical resources.
&Nbsp;   (3) is responsible for team training and assessment on a regular basis, and constantly improve the professional level of staff and quality of service.
&Nbsp;   (4), is responsible for cleaning and examination of the quality of the work and staff of the evaluation, correct the nonconforming service daily.
&Nbsp;   (5) is responsible for the cleaning supplies purchasing plan and purchase items to verify and control the rational use, assist the warehouse administrator qualified storage and preservation.
&Nbsp;   (6) occurred in the jurisdiction of the discouraged and stop uncivil behavior.
&Nbsp;   (7) is responsible for building internal and external cleaning, garbage removal services on-site supervision and quality records.
&Nbsp;   II, an indoor team responsibilities for cleaning (1) Office for community within the halls, elevators, corridors, staircases and other common areas cleaning of floors, walls, ceilings.
&Nbsp;   (2) community believes the newspaper box, pipe, pipes, fire hydrants and other public facilities and equipment cleaning.
&Nbsp;   (3) is responsible for the basement, roof, a transfer floor cleaning and light channel dredging cleanup.
&Nbsp;   (4), is responsible for garbage collection cleaning of floors.
&Nbsp;   (5) to the owner, tenant breach of sanitation to discourage and correct.
&Nbsp;   (6) active tasks assigned temporary duty.
&Nbsp;   duties of the three, an outdoor team cleaning (1) responsible for the area within the jurisdiction of road surface and cleaning facilities in public areas.
&Nbsp;   (2) jurisdictions within the walls, curtain walls, street lights, billboards, sculpture and the vent cleaning.
&Nbsp;   (3) timing of jurisdiction of an outdoor rain suan son, wells and pipelines for refuse removal.
&Nbsp;   (4), is responsible for the jurisdiction of the outdoor exposed pipelines and wall mounted utility devices exterior cleaning work.
&Nbsp;   (5), is responsible for the jurisdiction of the outdoor trash can and junk cleaning, cleaning and disinfection of shipment.
&Nbsp;   (6) light area in breach of environmental health to discourage and correct.
&Nbsp;   (7) the higher the positive completion of the tasks of the temporary assignment. BACK

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