Vitrified tile cleaning and maintenance knowledge

&Nbsp;   pollution type---clean way 1, flora and fauna oil---NaOH or KHCO3, alkaline solution 2, oil---pine fuel-efficient, gasoline, acetone, organic solvent 3, ink---diluted hydrochloric acid, oxalic acid, acid solution 4, rust track---diluted hydrochloric acid, oxalic acid, acid solution 5, calcium sediment---acid solution 6, beer, liquor---acid or alkaline solution 7, rubber imprinted---organic solvent 8, Ice cream oil---weakly alkaline solution 9, paint solvents---10, coffee 11---alkaline solvents, paint pen pen 12---alkaline or organic solvents, wax solvents---13, soy sauce---14 alkaline or organic solvents, cement mortar---acid 15, daily cleaning---ordinary cleaners BACK

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