How to create a comfortable home

&Nbsp;   in life, often some are decorated very luxurious bedrooms, beautiful large chandeliers on the ceiling installed in the bedroom, and just above the bed, which would directly influence the subconscious. Especially when it comes to sleep, the unconscious mind gradually lose their protection when hanging chandeliers make unconscious in bed feeling nervous. So better not install any lamp above the bed, only on the bedside table lamp and the embedded around one-half of its lights in the ceiling. If you must be above the bed installed lamps, mounted ceiling lamps, do not install crumbling chandeliers.
&Nbsp;   magical gardening horticultural plants because of its lively vitality, in the Feng Shui at home has unexpected benefits. White flowering can promote relationships, gas power yellow can stimulate upward force, Yu Caiyun; blue brings peace and calm judgment; red is the energy and spirit of representative Green is conducive to good health, on behalf of the security and peace of mind, are helpful to the stability of the beating heart; purple can make a clear head, increase the sense of art. Spent on the application, such as bed and the door, you can place the inserted flowers in the vase solution; kitchen decoration flowers can enhance the qualities of housewives. Usually prone to anxiety, depression, pessimism, is very suitable for decoration, green, white, purple hue took flowers.
&Nbsp;   home the paintings now, when people buy paintings, pastel landscapes, such as Sunrise, lakes and mountains, peony flowers, hanging in the Hall, home to give you a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Painted the picture of the Buddha and can also be used, but keep in mind that grasps on the kind, expression and peaceful.
&Nbsp;   color select the color allocation must be based on human physiological function well. If home full is deep blue tone, time long has, virtually will produced Yin gas heavy, and makes people negative of feel; home in the of purple more who, although can said is purple gas full room incense, unfortunately purple in the by with some red series, virtually will issued glare of color sense, easy makes people has a helpless of feel; paint Pink is "annoying" color, easy makes people mood tempered, occurred spat, fight of thing frequently, best without this color; green too more, also will makes people wills depression (generally, eyes should more close green, but actually, This Green is refers to nature of green, and non-human of deployment green); Chinese total think red is auspicious color, but red too much, will makes eyes burden overweight, so red only can as match of less part tones, not as theme tones; home in the yellow more who, mood stuffy worries, makes people of brain consciousness full with multilayer illusion, has neuropathy who most bogey this color; orange can makes people full angry, is has warm of feel, but too much of orange color, also will makes heart health bored.
&Nbsp;   residence is the best color to white, ivory, white, the three most suitable for people of color and the optic nerve. Because the Sun is white series, light, human heart, eyes also need light to reconcile, and white the best configuration of furniture, white series also represents hope. Wood color easy inspiration and wisdom, is the best color. Part of the study, wood color as good as possible.

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