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Air cleaning

&Nbsp;   1, air-sickness prevention long term in an air-conditioned environment living and working people, due to poorly ventilated, any improvement in the environment, nasal congestion can occur dizziness. Sneezing, tinnitus, fatigue, memory loss and other symptoms, causes and characteristics of skin allergy-related symptoms, such as skin tightening hair, allergies, poor skin. This phenomenon in modern medicine called "air-conditioning syndrome" or "air-conditioning disease".
&Nbsp;   2, extension of service life of air conditioning air conditioning use after a period of time, due to the static and repeated air circulation and filtration plate, radiator, evaporator fins surface accumulation of dust and dirt, cause airflow blockage, resulting in cooling, heating effect. Increased power consumption, noise, and in severe cases, cause damage to the compressor, increasing failure rate. Reduce the service life of air conditioning. But also produce odors, bacteria, and mites, and endangering people's physical health.
&Nbsp;   3, save resources in the air conditioning in the innumerable rerun, inclusion in the air a lot of dust and liquid smoke layers of fins, and plug the tiny space between the fins, affect the heat sink heat sink, thus causes condenser pressure lifting, the compressor motor current increases, the extended running time multiplied, electricity consumption has increased significantly. (When the heat sink is clean, heat, quickly to room temperature set temperature, the compressor automatically stop working; according to the results, dirt on the heat sink reaches thickness of 0.30 mm, the working hours of the compressor will be extended for 1 time, air conditioning electricity consumption increased by about 2.4 times. A room, before washing, reduced set temperature 10 minutes and after cleaning, just seven minutes down to the set temperature, the compressor may work less than three minutes, thus saving electricity 30%. China's current status is: lots of air conditioning and refrigeration effect is not good, and prolonged compression of time, a waste of electricity, by cleaning the air conditioning normal cooling effect can be shorten compression time, percent of saving electricity.
&Nbsp;   second, the air conditioning cleaning and maintenance should be how often?

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