Knowledge of cleaning

Staining techniques

&Nbsp;   stone surface stains formed by many sources. Some is from environment of pollution caused of, some is construction Shi using improper of construction material or bad of workers method caused of, general common of case has stone yellow, and color, and residual cement slag, and fast dry rubber, and then agent, and tape, and wood pigment,; another a pollution is is human caused of, as tea stains, and Coke, and coffee, and soy sauce,, various different of dirt spot as long as select appropriate of "magic second," clean agent, and SCI stone dedicated cleaning agent are can effective to removal. To prevent pollution of the stone, is the most effective method for SCI stone treatment, especially stone before installation for protection, can effectively avoid pollution caused by improper construction or decoration, or at least at the time of completion of the new protective treatment, so you can avoid the inconvenience of maintenance with the opening of the building.

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