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Carpet pest protection focus

&Nbsp;   with long-term exposure to a carpet on the ground, because of its characteristics of textile will build bug under certain conditions. We have listed several parts of the carpet likely to have insect, in the hope that consumers pay attention to strengthening these parts to clean and maintain. We also offer several effective ways to prevent carpet insects to help you solve your carpet easy to worry about disease.
&Nbsp;   carpet easy disease site:
&Nbsp;   1, middle part of the carpet than insects, and 0.3 to 1 meter around the corners and areas likely to have bugs. Because these parts are not always being stepped on in contact with the ground space, dust and air, insects to survive.
&Nbsp;   2, twist, twist carpets < all sites are likely to have bugs. Because of this gap between longitude and behind the carpet, to into the air after touching the ground.
&Nbsp;   3, spread on the wooden floor carpets spread on the cement, tile, terrazzo floor carpets are more likely to have bugs. This is because wood floors easy to absorb moisture as the worms provide growth conditions.
&Nbsp;   4, parts of the pressure under the furniture carpets are also susceptible to insect parts.
&Nbsp;   effective way to prevent carpet insects:
&Nbsp;   1, keeping the carpet clean and dry. Carpets after a year of use, should be moved outdoors to dry, knock off the dust, but not exposed. Time replenishment, surface should be cleaned.
&Nbsp;   2, carpet with two or three years later, to chemicals used for cleaning. Cleaned the carpet, need to continue to shop, you should then wipe the floor.
&Nbsp;   3, the best wooden floors waxed, after two or three days, then sprinkled the floor a layer of health can play a role in moth ball powder and carpet.
&Nbsp;   4, when storing rugs should be evenly sprinkle naphthalene powder on the carpet, then wrapped up in a ventilated place. Best on a height of half a meter to a meter from the ground.

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