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Terrazzo crystal silicon processing technology

&Nbsp;   the characteristics of the ground material is:
&Nbsp;   1), surface finish high gloss units can reach 90 degrees, up to 98 degrees gloss units, equivalent to import high-grade marble surface quality.
&Nbsp;   2), hard high 5-7 level, close to the high hardness of granite surfaces, good resistance to abrasion.
&Nbsp;   3), penetration resistance, water-repellent and stain (water vapor transmission rate of less than 0.8), resistant to oil, acid, alkali, salt-fog resistance of natural protective properties over all existing stone products.
&Nbsp;   4), reasonable cost, and general location not subject to special requirements of "crystalline silicon" slab cost only for middle and low engineering cost mirror tiles. Special requirements, color, character design, overall Premier "crystalline silicon" slab construction cost only for the same grade of granite, marble, 40%-50%. Comprehensive cost-effective, exceed all existing stone products.
&Nbsp;   5), service life up to 30, the special formula and structure designed to ensure that the "crystalline silicon" plate in the cycle repair is simple, for ground maintenance cleaning and sanitation management difficulty is greatly reduced.
&Nbsp;   6), excellent skid resistance surface, no radiation, no pollution, security features suitable for high traffic public places.
&Nbsp;   7), green, eco-friendly recycling concept and extraordinary service life design, save a lot of resources for human society.

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