Knowledge of cleaning

Standard of cleanliness

&Nbsp;   for guarantee service units sanitation, right for Guangzhou clean health work has standard according to, while also memo Yu management are of supervision check, can on Guangzhou clean company work has a objective of evaluation, special a following the standard: ground: death defying stunts texture machine steps and seams no product dust, and dirt; waxing surface light clean; ladder footsteps Board, and wall line, and anchor line, place no product dust, and debris, and stains; square brick, and garage, and fire channel, and ground clean, and No sand, no standing water; bright, no stains.
&Nbsp;   wall: marble, tile, brick, bright, clean no stains.
&Nbsp;   glass: glass curtain walls, doors, Windows and mirrors clean and bright, no water, no dust.
&Nbsp;   metal products: such as door, frame, fire hydrants, water taps, stainless steel trash can, stainless steel railing with a proprietary metal cleaner such as grazed, keeping free of rust, stains.
&Nbsp;   smallpox: lighting tubes, signage, light, shade, ornament clean, without dust and spider webs.
&Nbsp;   elevator: the elevator, elevator doors, door track Groove, display and grab the ladder, ladder room clean and dust-free; non-slip carpet, inside the car is clean and free of debris, no stains.
&Nbsp;   bathroom: soap-boxes, basins, water Chamber facilities clean, no damage; no smell in the bathroom; toilet, wash basin, urinal without rust; countertops, floors clean, no trace of water.
&Nbsp;   Hall: bin the filth required to eliminate overall furnished and clean.
&Nbsp;   garbage: garbage time, fast, trash day on each floor, and garbage scattered litter on the ground during clean up, leaving no stains and odors, clean outdoor garbage cans inside and outside cleaning once a week, and disinfected on a regular basis.
&Nbsp;   green belt: no dead branches and rotten leaves, no weeds, no scraps of garbage and so on appear.

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