Knowledge of cleaning

Fabric sofa in the home don't forget periodic dusting

&Nbsp;   in recent years, Fabric sofas sold more and more, people like their beautiful design and comfortable feeling to sit. But by clean fabric sofa, many people will shake their heads. Fabric sofa if lack of maintenance, easy to get dirty, damaged.
&Nbsp;   first, fabric sofa cleaning on a regular basis, once a week is best. Such as vacuum cleaner, do not use suction brush, more to avoid a large suction to suck, torn threads, may wish to use a small vacuum cleaner to clean.
&Nbsp;   Secondly, use detergent to clean once a year, optional specialized cleaning agents containing antifouling agent. Some silicone spray dust effects, can be sprayed once a month. Fabric sofa cover can be cleaned. Some flexible jacket is easy to dry ironing, ironing to consider when retaining texture, iron sheath, medial is more appropriate.

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